Saved between his junior and senior years of high school, David Harper graduated from Tucson High in 1965. Hungering for the Word of God as a new babe in Christ, he attended Prairie Bible Institute in Alberta, Canada and subsequently completed the four-year Bible Missionary Training course in 1969.  After graduation he moved to Wimer, Oregon and served as Minister of Youth & Music at Evans Valley Bible Church until 1972 when he moved to Bob Jones University. At BJU he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1976 and a Master of Arts Degree in 1978.  In 1979 he married his friend and sweetheart, Elaine.   They remained at Bob Jones on faculty and staff until 1983 when they moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky to plant Heritage Baptist Church.  While serving in Kentucky they were blessed with the arrival of their daughter Brittany. After almost nine years of ministry at Heritage, they moved to Wakarusa in 1992 where Pastor Harper assumed the Senior Pastor position at Bible Baptist. It has been a “good fit” for the Harper Family and the folks at Bible Baptist.  The church has experienced growth and blessing as pastor and people have served together.  God’s gracious hand has been evident in the ministry for over two decades and the future of the ministry in Wakarusa is as bright as the promises of God.