It’s excitement galore in this Answers VBS program as we head to IncrediWorld Amazement Park, where kids take a thrill ride through God’s creation. Kids will come face-to-face with God’s incredible world of wonders as they go wild learning that . . .
• We always start with the Bible because it is always true!
• God created everything in just six literal days!
• Dinosaurs lived at the same time as people!
• Science supports the Bible’s claims!
• God is the Creator who masterfully designed every animal!

Due to the Covid situation, this year’s VBS is a series of videos. Each morning, the day’s videos will be available to watch all at once or by themselves.

Parents: The most effective way to use the IncrediWorld Video VBS is to set a time to sit down and watch the videos with your children. That may look different for each family. If you are unable to watch them all in a week, you can spread them out over multiple weeks. This is a wonderful teaching tool to help you spark interest and discussion with your children about God’s incredible creation.

Click the links below for access to each day’s videos. Enjoy!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5