IMG_1850Senior Saints is a ministry to and of adults age 55 and up. Many of our group have faithfully served in the church from 30 up to even 50 years, and though they may have retired from their professions, they have certainly not retired from ministering. Our Senior Saints program encourages them to continue their ministry by offering regular fellowship with other senior adults and mentoring opportunities with younger generations. You will find senior saints enthusiastically serving in almost every area of the church from the nursery to AWANA and outreach. The senior saints are also enthusiastic about other activities. We enjoy a variety of events, such as the Friends of Israel Conference, an annual trip to the Creation Museum and Air Force Museum, and serving on mission trips. In addition to these activities, we enjoy a special time of fellowship during the Senior Breakfasts.  We also meet after the last Sunday evening service each month for food and fellowship. Invite your friends and join us for our next fellowship.






June 26 • Sunday Night PEST


July 18 • Prophecy Conference and Lunch


July 19 • Luncheon at Henschen’s Lake House


July 31 • Sunday Night PESTLEROY 2


August 20 • Church Picnic


August 28 • Sunday Night PEST


September 25 • Sunday Night PEST