Celebrating the Reformation (Sermon Series)

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Why, (even though it has been over 1900 years since the bodily resurrection of Christ) are many churches still preaching the unadulterated Gospel of Jesus? Here’s the reason. Down through the centuries God raised up brave men who boldly preached and carefully taught the Word of God.  Prominent among these soldiers of the cross were the Protestant Reformers of the 16th Century who risked (and sometimes forfeited) their lives because they uncompromisingly stood for truth.  This year, 2017, is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, and this sermon series examines five major truths that these faithful warriors proclaimed. Enjoy these messages as you learn how all five truths have major implications for you. 



Part 1: The Bible Alone
Sunday, April 23 (AM) Pastor Harper



Part 1: The Bible Alone (continued)
Sunday, April 23 (PM) Pastor Harper



Part 2: Through Faith Alone
Sunday, May 7 (AM) Pastor Harper



Part 3: In Christ Alone (Two Great Imputations:  Forgiveness and Justification)
Sunday, May 28 (AM) Pastor Harper



Part 4: By Grace Alone (“Amazing Grace”)
Sunday, June 25 (AM) Pastor Harper