Foundations (Sermon Series)

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A dog house doesn’t need a foundation, and a small house can be built on a concrete slab–but a tall and enduring structure requires bedrock support. Genesis 1-11 records God’s provision of a lasting foundation for the remainder of Scripture. This series takes a close look at these important chapters and underlines their relevance for every other portion of the Bible.


Part 1: Introduction
Sunday, September 10 (PM) Pastor Harper


Part 2: The Bible is God’s Word
Sunday, September 24 (AM) Pastor Harper


Part 3: The Bible is God’s Word…Continued
Sunday, September 24 (PM) Pastor Harper


Part 4: Holy, Holy, Holy
Sunday, October 15 (AM) Pastor Harper


Part 5: God Established the Family
Sunday, October 22 (AM) Pastor Harper


Part 6: Marriage is a Covenant – Not a Contract
Sunday, November 19 (AM) Pastor Harper


Part 7: Cain – The Epitome of Unbelief
Sunday, March 11 (AM) Pastor Harper