Assurance: Make Your Calling and Election Sure (Sermon Series)

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It is no secret that a large percentage of truly born-again believers are plagued with doubts about their salvation. Perhaps you make up part of that percentage. There is also an alarming number of church-goers (and non-church-goers) that have a false sense of security–they think they are saved but their lives betray their lips. Perhaps you are one of these.  Either way, the Bible has the answers you need to help you find true assurance. This series on assurance will provide biblical answers for searching souls.



Part 1
Sunday, August 19 (AM) Pastor Harper


Part 2
Sunday, August 19 (PM) Pastor Harper


Part 3
Sunday, August 26 (AM) Pastor Harper


Part 4
Sunday, September 2 (AM) Pastor Harper


Part 5
Sunday, September 9 (AM) Pastor Harper


Part 6
Sunday, September 16 (AM) Pastor Harper