More than a Name

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The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe” (Prov. 18:10).

No doubt, this is one of the most vivid pictures of the Lord’s help and safety in all the Bible. He has been a tower to me! Countless times I have run to Him in fear, discouragement, or sorrow, and He has reminded me of His strength and security. Then, when I see my Sovereign Lord’s power and tenderness my fears and insecurities disappear. I feel like a fearful child who, when he sees his daddy, runs to him and once in his arms forgets why he was so fearful in the first place. But we don’t even have to feel His arms around us to be secure.

The Lord’s name alone is enough to be our place of refuge! God’s name reminds us of who He is. If He wasn’t all-powerful then His name wouldn’t encourage us, if He wasn’t holy then His name wouldn’t rebuke us, if He wasn’t faithful then His name wouldn’t comfort us, if He wasn’t loving then His name wouldn’t bring us joy, and so on.  When we know God, His name is all we need to hear to tear us away from the fears and insecurities that so easily capture our mind and emotions. This reminds me of the song “When I say Jesus” and especially the chorus: “When I say ‘Master’, My sorrows disappear, when I say ‘Father’, He drives away my fears…”  

Nothing in this life is as secure and comforting as the name of the Lord! But maybe you don’t know Him well enough to want to run to Him. Little children only run to those they trust. Get to know Him by reading His words in the Bible. You will find that the Lord loves you and you can trust Him. Make Him your place of refuge and you will experience a peace that only the name of God can give. “The Lord” is more than a name, it is a fortress for those who hide within it’s walls. Run to Him!