Spiritual Gifts (Sermon Series)

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God gave spiritual gifts to the church for the healthy functioning of the unified body of Christ. However,  misunderstandings and incorrect interpretations regarding the gifts have fostered division and sickness within the body. In this series of messages we will carefully examine every Scripture that deals with this important subject. 

The Church – a living, spiritual organism

Sunday, September 29 (AM) Pastor Harper

How are you using your gifts?

Sunday, September 29 (PM) Pastor Harper

History of Pentecostalism

Sunday, October 27 (PM) Pastor Harper

Are Charismatics and Pentecostals Obeying Scripture?

Sunday, November 3 (PM) Pastor Harper

The Personification of Love

Sunday, November 10 (AM) Pastor Harper

Cessationists Vs. Continuationists

Sunday, January 5 (PM) Pastor Harper