Temptation (Sermon Series)

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Someone wisely said, “When you flee temptation, don’t leave a forwarding address.” The problem is this: It seems like the world, the flesh, and the devil always seem to find us–no matter how hard we try to hide. Join us for these messages that help you to understand temptation and to find victory.



Sermon 1: Avenues For Temptation
Sunday, December 31 (AM) Pastor Harper (Genesis 3)


Sermon 2: Avenues For Temptation (Continued)
Sunday, January 7 (PM) Pastor Harper


Sermon 3: The Thought Processes of Temptation
Sunday, January 21 (AM) Pastor Harper


Sermon 4: Thinking About God During Times of Temptation
Sunday, January 28 (AM) Pastor Harper


Sermon 5: The Disastrous Effects of Yielding to Temptation
Sunday, February 11 (AM) Pastor Harper