An Open Letter To Sagging Saints

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Dear Christian,

As we observe politicians, perverts, and presidents systematically rob our country and heritage from us, it’s tempting to become discouraged, depressed, and bitter.  We must not allow this to happen.  Our God is in absolute control. He is not surprised, frustrated, or worried—He is sovereign.

Yes, the heathen are raging, but one day our Almighty God will utter His voice and the earth will melt. (Ps. 46:6) Therefore we should not hang our harps on the willow trees and sulk. We should not be sour, embittered, hateful saints who constantly dispense bile and vitriol.   We should be active, patriotic citizens who respect the US Constitution. This is not the time to mope; it is the time to move. It is time for us to work, vote, and pray for righteousness to prevail in our beloved country.

More importantly (and I mean more importantly), it is time to remind ourselves that this world is not our final home, we’re just a passin’ through! Therefore we should be joyful saints who fervently pray, aggressively and lovingly share the Gospel message (with liberals and conservatives), and we should continually encourage one another as we walk by faith in this wicked and perverse generation.

Remember this: we are on the winning side!  One day, perhaps soon, the Lord will take us out of this world—that’s called the “rapture”. Then He will take this world out to the woodshed—that’s called the “great tribulation”. Then He will come back to earth and straighten out every mess—that’s called the “millennial kingdom”.  And ultimately, He will bring into being a new heaven and a new earth—that’s called the “eternal state”. Our future is as bright and sure as the promises of God.

Dear Christian, lift up your head—your redemption is near!