Post-Election Musings

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Before voting last Tuesday, I thought again about the two party platforms and the likely outcomes of either platform shaping our nation. I chose the platform that was the closest to my personal convictions. If your vote was different than mine, I do not condemn you for it.

The purpose of this article is not to influence people politically. Hey, the election is over! The purpose of this article is to encourage sound, balanced, deep thinking among the Lord’s people.

I’m not loyal to any party or candidate—just to truth and righteousness. Now that the election is over, do I honestly believe that the Republicans will push and support every item on the platform? Sadly, no; but hopefully, they will promote some of them. Do I believe that President Trump or the Republican Party will turn America around spiritually? Nope. Do I believe that Trump or the party will help us to “take back our country for Jesus?” Again, my answer is “no”. In fact, my question is this: “When did Jesus ever ‘have our country’ to begin with?” True, we were founded on biblical principles, and indeed God did graciously bring our country into being to make it a blessing to the world—there’s no doubt about that. However, Jesus never “had our country” in the sense that He has the nation of Israel. We are not Israel. God has made specific promises concerning Israel; He has not done so with regards to our USA. Do I believe that God will bring revival to America as a result of the election? “No”, again. Only God brings revival, and He doesn’t do it when people vote; He does it when people repent.

Here’s a grim thought: It may be too late to turn America around spiritually; we may have already gone too far. Many preachers in America have spent too much time preaching about moral reform and political agendas and too little time exalting Jesus Christ and preaching the unadulterated Gospel. Consequently, regardless of who moves into the Whitehouse on January 20th, we may still incur the righteous wrath of God. I hope and pray that it is not so, but we may have indeed already crossed the Rubicon.

Even so, I believe that God sovereignly gave us two viable choices—Trump and Clinton…and ultimately God gave us Trump. I can’t get around that. (See Daniel 2:21) Why did God do it? I do not claim to know the counsels of God. Hopefully, Trump’s presidency will at least extend the time that I can preach the whole truth without being thrown in jail. (See I Timothy 2:1-2.) That’s my prayer, and that’s one of the reasons for my vote. Certainly my vote was not an expression of my confidence in the character of any candidate (other than perhaps the character of Mike Pence.) Did Paul encourage Timothy to pray for the Roman government because God was pleased with the morals of the people in that government? No. Did Timothy’s prayers or civic support for those political leaders mean that he endorsed their lifestyles? Again, “no” is the answer.

By the way, there’s a guy on YouTube that claims to have gotten a prophecy back in 2011 and that his prophecy clearly said that Trump would win the election in 2016. I can say emphatically and dogmatically that God did not give that individual a prophecy or vision back in 2011. God does not give new revelations today. That man may be as sincere as the day is long, but he’s not a prophet. He’s not like Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, etc. He just isn’t. I put zero confidence in people who say they get a direct message from God—zero, zilch, nada–no confidence…period. The Bible is God’s Word—nothing less, and nothing more.

Now, back to our subject. What about the phenomena of Christians viewing Trump as being “the savior and answer to their prayers”? Certainly many Christians (and non-believers) prayed for deliverance from a Clinton dynasty with all of its crooked, dishonest, left-wing, anti-God, anti-righteousness, anti-marriage, pro-globalistic, pro-death, positions. Did God answer their prayers? Apparently so, but did He do it because He deemed Trump to be a good possibility for filling the position of a Sunday School teacher for junior high boys? Are you kidding me? Did God put Trump in office to be our savior? Hardly. Yes, we may be delivered from some of the bad policies that would have likely come from a Clinton presidency—but will different policies save America? No, they will not. If righteousness does prevail in some of the areas of our culture as a result of the election, that will be great; I’ll be happy for that because “righteousness still exalts a nation, and sin is still a reproach to any people.” But I must remind you that Proverbs 14:34 is a general principle; it is not a specific promise that God will perpetually bless America. In fact, regardless of whether I like it or not, I don’t even see America specifically mentioned in Biblical prophecy regarding future events.

So, no matter how good America may get, America will not be God’s means for ushering in the Millennial Kingdom. Jesus will establish His Millennial Kingdom on earth by judging the nations of the world, not by entering into the righteous cultures that those nations have generated by their laws and policies. So from a dispensational, prophetic point of view (as pessimistic as it seems) I see all improvements of any nation as “embalming fluid” that merely retards the rotting of a national corpse. Do I oppose cultural/political embalming fluid? Definitely not. I’m all for it because I don’t like rotten and decaying influences that make our culture stink. But will cultural and political embalming fluid bring revival? No. Will it enable me to live a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty? I certainly hope so; that’s why I voted. (I Tim. 2:1-2)

So what about all the Christians that are rejoicing in the election results? I believe that many of these Christians know deeply in their hearts that Trump is not a savior—but they truly believe that he will slow down the influence of evil. These good Christian people are throwing their hats in the air and shouting “hallelujah”—not because they actually believe that Trump will be a political and moral “messiah”. They are doing so because they were absolutely nauseated by the unhealthy stench that was rising from the steamy, moral and political swamp in Washington, DC. They believed that their vote would help to rid DC of that swamp in the days ahead—and they won! So presently, they are intoxicated with joy; they are reveling in their victory. Like football players after a touchdown, they are doing a jig in the end zone. They are presently experiencing the “honeymoon” period of America’s new relationship with Donald Trump. But without wanting to pour cold water on anyone’s happy dance, I must remind everyone that this is only the honeymoon phase. It remains to be seen how much of the swamp is drained and how much of it will just be rearranged to look and smell differently than it did previously.

Yes, political conservatism has made a touchdown early in the game—and I am personally happy about that; but what’s going to happen in the fourth quarter? What’s going to happen when the honeymoon is over? We’ll see. I do believe in the rapture, but that does not prevent me from doing my best for the good of my country. I want to be “salt” and “light”. That is why I hope, work and pray for a righteous and just society. I’m hoping, working, and praying for the best. After all, I live here!
Just one more thing. Am I happy with the results of the election? Definitely yes—but I’ll be much happier when I see Jesus. Does my happiness mean that I believe Donald Trump is a good example for the young people in our country? It does not. However, the primary responsibility for setting a good example for our young people does not reside in someone living in the District of Columbia. The primary responsibility for teaching and training our children is placed squarely on moms, dads, extended family members, and biblical local churches. It does NOT “take a village” to raise our kids. It is our responsibility to disciple our loved ones to be Christ-like—regardless of who is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Even so, it wouldn’t hurt at all if President-Elect Donald Trump washed his mouth out with soap before he makes any more speeches. I’m just sayin…

Well, that’s my two-cents worth. I hope you find some value therein.